We sponsored serveral 1 week educational retreats.
Many attendees realized the benefit

Education that is priceless for businesses -

For Years we have been hearing from our Customers and Business Owners at trade show events that they would like a source for advanced skill set training in digitizing, Embroidery software, Production workflow , Office Procedures and the list continues.

We created several 4 day Seminars that were held in different locations across the country. Every class was over full and everyone had fun while learning advanced skills to help there embroidery businesses grow.

We were pulled away from the training seminars due to business growth of our own company. We have grown and now the time is available again to help other Business owners increase there proficiency and advance there skills that save alot of $$$ in the long run.

You will be overwhelmed with your new knowledge and the amount it helps you with everyday tasks in your business.

We found that 90% of those trained on-site or on-line want us to come back again and train on even more advanced subjects.

Education is a non stop process and the more information we have the easier jobs become and the more that can be offered to the customer.


Our family has been in the Professional Embroidery and embellisment industry for over 40 years.
We started with a single needle Meistergram sewing machine that used templates for Monogram lettering shapes and the sewing machine speed was controled by the operator depressing a pedal. This machine was used to add names and monograms on merchandise sold by one of our four sporting goods stores.

The Sporting goods stores were sold to a buyer but, the embroidery part of the business had become a coompany of its own and seperated from the sporting goods corporation a year prior to the sporting goods stores sale. Thus the birth of the family embroidery business..... The industry, technology and our business has come along way since..
Our Embroidery and embellishment industry experience and wisdom was earned thru the normal trial and error process all business owners experience.

Now its our turn to give back. Our company grew to 40 heads and a 4 professional digitizers all trained by Scott Phillips in Manual stitch digitizing processes and small lettering techniques.
We opened our digitizing services to the public in 1992.

Training Subjects
  • Small order setup and production
  • Hooping for production and special materials
    • Lettering layout for those small customer orders
    • Correct use of Stock lettering to Improve sewing
    • Merging lettering for small order designs and template creation
  • Production embroidery Practices for larger orders
  • Paperless environment and workflow operations
  • Networking of sewing machines with Barcode scanning
  • Digitizing Education
  • BANK $$avings are present after running machines with properly digitized embroidery
  • Advanced Digitizing Techniques and Processes
  • Small letter digitizing
  • Vector art digitizing
  • Production process digitizing
  • 3D digitizing
  • Applique digitizing