• What Version of DGML Software is advanced training on?

    Advanced Education is taught using all levels of software so, no matter what level you are comfortable with your which level you currently have the training is geared toward you and your software version..

  • How does the On-Line Training Work for me and my staff?

    On-Line Training makes it easy for you to work around a busy schedule and still fit in your advanced software education into your business.

    Classes are held in an On-line atmosphere where you speak directly with Scott over the phone and work together on your computer. Classes are custom created and the schedule of the training is determined by you.

    We will create a class syllabus with a easy to understand breakdown of all the subjects your training will cover and the training can be done consectivaly over 1-2 and 3 day events.
    The length required for training will be determined by the areas you would like become more proficiant in.

    Everyone can join; if it is only you and you want to offer your customers more while saving money or if you have a staff and you want to train the full team all can be part of the education classes.

  • What areas of Advancement are avaialble for my business?

    • Digitizing:  Beginners to Advanced
    • Specialized digitizing and techniques
    • Small lettering Digitizing
    • Text layout and editing
    • Workflow management
    • production efficiency - workflow management
    • Networking setup
    • Networking maintenance and use
    • Special Hooping techniques and garment prep

    • Dont see what your interested in. Ask us about it!

  • How many days of training will I need?

    • We individualize your training.
    • The time we spend together will be based on your skill level and the criteria for what you want to learn
    • Classes are scheduled as 1 - 2 - 3 or 4 day engagements.

  • What is the cost?

    • Each situation is unique and we build the training around your specific needs.
    • Training is billed per day and On-Site training the cost of travel expenses is added over the day rate.